Three ways to start managing your anxiety TODAY and live your life to its maximum potential!!

Experiencing anxiety? You’re not alone!

Have you ever been in the middle of an anxiety attack but had to keep it together because nobody else understands what you’re going through?

Have you recently developed anxiety and you’ve got no idea what’s happening to your mind and body and you don’t know who to ask to make sense of it all?

Have you battled against anxiety for as long as you can remember and resigned yourself that this is as good as life will ever get for you?

Well, my friend, if so, Anxiety Buddy is for you, you, AND you!

Anxiety Buddy is a safe, positive, community of anxiety sufferers who GET IT, and they GET YOU!

Everyone in the community has suffered or is suffering from anxiety and knows exactly what you’re going through from day-to-day, and minute-to-minute.

There’s no judgement, there’s no ridicule, there’s only the human connection you need to help you understand and manage the condition which has the potential to ruin lives.

Connecting through Anxiety Buddy will help remove the stigma attached to the disorder, understand the condition, and help sufferers learn how to take back control of their lives.

Connect with anxiety sufferers across the world, join the Anxiety Buddy Facebook group today!

This is what anxiety looks like.

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Anxiety is all around you.

Anxiety is hidden behind the fake smiles of the assistants in the shop. It’s disguised in the drug and alcohol abuse of the homeless man you step over to get your morning coffee. And it’s concealed by the unspoken words of the ‘shy’ girl in the office.

Anxiety is socially-disconnecting, lonely, and isolating. Yet, there are very few people untouched by the disorder at some stage in their lives. Anxiety is one of the few things that we all have in common. Nobody is exempt.

One of the most effective ways to manage an anxiety disorder is by connecting with others.

Talking, listening, learning, and understanding.

Anxiety Buddy is an active, connected, community of like-minded anxiety sufferers. Each member of the community provides an avenue for others to talk, listen, learn, and understand.

Anxiety Buddy is striving to remove the stigma that surrounds the disorder. The stigma that anxiety is a weakness; it’s not. The stigma that it’s the result of childhood trauma; it doesn’t have to be. Anxiety Buddy will make anxiety easier to talk about so sufferers can get the help they need sooner, rather than suffering alone in silence.

Anxiety Buddy is the, often elusive, human connection that will help you survive an anxiety disorder to live your life to its fullest potential.

By building a community through Facebook and social media, Anxiety Buddy shows the rest of the world that anxiety sufferers are just as strong and capable as them.

Anxiety Buddy shows YOU that regardless of your symptoms, triggers, or causes, you’re normal too.


You’re not alone! Connect with anxiety sufferers across the world, to remove the stigma and understand your anxiety.


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Content on the Anxiety Buddy website is of a sensitive nature and may trigger anxiety symptoms for some sufferers, please proceed with caution.  Anxiety Buddy is not professional advice, any recommendations are made based on personal experience only.