The Anxiety Buddy Mission:

To educate, encourage, and empower anxiety sufferers through connection with others.

Anxiety is complex and with no two conditions being identical, the Anxiety Buddy core objectives are as follows:

  • Remove the social stigma associated with an anxiety disorder.
  • Normalise anxiety.
  • Prove that anxiety sufferers can be just as strong and powerful as the rest of the world.
  • Provide members with a support network of sufferers who know exactly what you’re going through.
  • Help people see the positives of such a crippling condition.
  • Encourage people to seek help, get an official diagnosis, and learn how to manage anxiety to go on and live a better than normal life.
  • People figuring it out together.
  • Give people a chance to hear that they’re normal too and they can rebuild.
  • Give people the confidence and strength to talk freely about their condition.
  • Help people accept their own diagnosis.